Tarou Kasai 17

Tarou is a skilled assassin he has two fore arm blades he uses for battle.his father passed them down to him cause it was in the family for generations they have a hidden power only the men from the kasai family can use. Him and his sister are  two amature fighters who always almost die but tarou is the main reason that him and his sister get out of the corners they always seem to get them selfs in too. Tarou is agile but not as fast as his sister he is medium build around 6 feet tall medium hair the colour is dark brown. Grew up in a small village with parents and sister until there parents were murderd in a (TBA). Tarou always gets disracted in battle by his sister a little to much cause he dosen’t want to lose her to so he always stays close to her rarely ever letting her out of his sight.He is usually very timid but when it comes to a job or battle a seriousness awakes in him usually unleashing his true power it comes out cause he wants to protect his sister no matter what it takes. He is very noble and has to always set his sister strait cause she usually strays from the right path she is very stubborn and will some time disobey her brother cause (u know shes a 15 year old girl how many girls u know that age that listen well). He also has a hidden power inside him that unleashes when the battle is impossible to win Tarou has a power to control metal through his aura which he can only unleash when aki dies then after his battle he replaces his sisters life force with his “aura” but if he loses then she stays dead.  At end he forms a relationship from the girl from (possible story 2).Tarou likes to use agility, strength, and think before acting. tarou has sight and scent abilities that he has fully mastered.They are part of the Aisu Ordur which specialize in metal works each ordur has its own secret special ability they teach there assassins tarou and aki have a hard time learning it but eventually master it at some point each ordur has a special motto the aisu have the motto “Taste our cold steel”.