Akira kasia 15

Akira is a medium build girl but since its anime she will probably have full hips and a fair bust cause shes a developing girl. she will have red hair  she's not totally but shes obsessed with her older brother tarou she doesn't like his choice in women and if he ever did get married she wants her to resemble their late mother. gets jealous cause she want’s all of tarou’s attention, aki likes sneak attacks and using speed while going in blindly so tarou always has to save her. she has amazing reflexes and flexibility she is very hard headed but when it come to tarou she can listen pretty well whe wepaons are dual wield she has two katana blades that were givin to hey by her brother or mother (TBA) she knows her brother loves her a little  to much and is always trying to get away from him cause she has next to no pravicy but when Tarou wants to be alone she cant help but to do what he does to her and stalk her but its one of tarous ways to keep her in sight cause she is very easy to detect in steath mode unless he is there she had a very close relationship with her mother unlike tarou who was always out with there father training one day she saw her brother in a spareing match he was badly beaten  so she told her self that she needs to protect her brother so not far after she got her mother to help train her in the way of the assassin (TBA)she practised in what her mother taught her till her death witch wasent very much cause she died not to much later after starting it was aki idea to join the aisu cause tarou wanted to leave the ordur there parents died in and try to join a nother one to get away cause every time he went in to there parents room he would get flash backs of there death (TBA)